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Does your wisdom come naturally?

Madara Greer Sr.
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


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Well, yes. I guess it can. If you have things happen in life, that teach you.

Do you learn by trial and error?

Did you know when you try, and you fail, you still learn? You learn and get wise at what doesn’t work. Someone else might not know it was a mistake. That makes you wiser than them. At least with this mistake.

Just because you are smart, that does not make you wise.

Wisdom is not what you learn in a book. Wisdom can only come from your experiences. You could read the entire set of encyclopedias and still not know the best route to take. Fill your head with all that useful junk. Do you think that will give the words needed to speak to a three-year-old?

All the maps in the world can’t get you to it.

This adventure of wisdom isn’t for following a set plan or course. You have to. Go out and take the lead. Find your way search and find facts. My facts may differ from your own.

To find it, you must find yourself.

Make the choices yourself. Decide if you turn left or right. Choosing what could be right or what could be wrong will pave the course. Set into the concrete of your very own fabric.

What I learned in conclusion about this.

  • If I want to learn to put up a wall, I need to hit myself in the thumb a few times with the hammer.
  • After the age of three. Learning is useless.
  • Getting lost is the best way to become wiser.
  • I’ve got no one to blame but myself when I’m bored.



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