We give life to this sucker.

You guys. Come on.

Madara Greer Sr.
3 min readDec 5, 2021


Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Hey you guys. How are you doing? I’m just fine. Thank you very much.

I’ve been spending the whole damn day. Christmas shopping, decorating the house, chasing a 6-year-old all over the house, and making an 8-month-old fly through the air, again and again. I’m exhausted

I have to say it’s been one of those days.

I’ve had so much fun. I wish you could have been there. They were brats, but I love them. Because they are. I love to instigate shit with them. So does my husband here’s the proof.

This a picture I took of our 2021 at the St. Louis zoo.

See he’s trying to get that sweet innocent baby to flip me off. Because I asked him to pose for one more photo.

The six-year-old is pretty easy. I just feed him sugar, and off he goes.

In about five minutes…

… the look on my son’s face. OMG, it’s so funny. To get him back. For all the heartache and beautiful memories.

I love and cherish of all my babies.

I’m glad I get to leave this little piece of me to the world for them to always see and remember me.

Guys, I got to stop now. Please hang on…

Okay, I’m back now. I’m sorry.

Today I’ve had so much fun. My emotional roller coaster got the better of me.

Sometimes that’s, how it works.

I get all wound up and don’t know if my head is in my ass.

Because I completely got off-topic. This is medium, wait… more medium porn? Yeah, that’s what I say.

(as a side note, I think I need to give kudos to Tim Denning, the first time I heard the term “Medium Porn. Thanks, Tim, you were spot on with this one.)



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