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Aren’t we all sick of your standard survey site?

Madara Greer Sr.
3 min readMar 12, 2022


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We have all seen them. One of the most aggravating types of online monetizations is the dreaded survey sites.

While it’s true, most of them are getting better at vetting. There are still a huge number of screen-outs halfway through a survey.

Screen-outs are a large reason survey completion has a bad rap. It wastes both the worker’s and employer’s time.

The popular belief is these companies screen us out to keep the money but still use most of our data. Leaving us feeling cheated.

Some of the studies I have completed have been very time-consuming.

At times I have even struggled mentally with surveys and studies I have completed.

Imagine watching a screen for forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. Showing you still photos one at a time. Some of them are different, but some are the same, and you can’t speed up the image changes. So you are stuck there like a zombie. If you’re lucky, you have got your mouth closed trying to hit the space bar any time one picture repeats itself on the screen.

The researchers should give a warning: It may cause narcolepsy with heavy slobbering involved.

One site will ruin it for all the rest.

Through, all the other garbage I have dug deep into the underbelly of them all.

What I found started small. But as the years have passed, it has grown into a powerful and respected provider of studies and workers.

Prolific has proven to be a reliable source of monetization for me.

Today I completed 5 studies 20-35 minutes long and it will earn me a solid 25$ for my time.

And if you think they paid me around minimum wage. You would be correct. But this site has the added benefit of an about your page.

If you make certain you have all these questions answered, it will seldom screen you out.

These pages will ensure you are invited or introduced to studies you are not qualified to take.

Another problem in this type of monetization is the low pay examiners wish to pay for the information they seek answers for.

Prolific constantly has the workers covered repeatedly. The five studies I completed today were all over $2, with the highest pay topping out at $7.

Any other issues that I have had with a requestor have been handled swiftly through the chat provided on the site.

And if you start a study, then decide you just do t have the time to finish. They provide you with a way you can explain your decision.

This provides us with a way to lobby complaints against fraudulent requests.

This company is so good I won’t even get a referral bonus from this story and I still want to tell you about it.



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