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Everyone always taught me good manners. That’s how I made it through this life. “More honey than vinegar”, granny said. So that’s how I will ask.

Madara Greer Sr.
3 min readNov 16, 2021


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So I'm thinking that when I see a comment about the stories I write. Most of the time I click on the name and check they're about pages. Then I scroll down the page and, more than not, I pick a story to read. Sometimes maybe two or three.

See, I like to check my stats a lot and that bell doesn’t ring nearly enough. Yet!

In order to keep myself occupied till it does. I got to do something constructive with my time.

I pick a writer out of the crowd, maybe, a diamond in the rough. I’ll read their story and if I see it fits. They’ll get my free claps and a comment or two. I always try to comment. Because, hey, I like them like the next guy. And remember what I said about being charming. It’s a way I flirt with the algorithm here at Medium.

Please make your point?

So what if we could decide which way our stories run? No matter what day they’re getting done.

So I was thinking,

What if the powers that be at Medium should give us some more control? The kind that would make it possible to control how our article feed was to read.

Just why do I want that?

We all have that stinker that we wrote. Come, now. You have one too.

But, we still wrote the story. It’s not that we think they are trash. It just would be nice to move it farther. Much farther down the line.

They are kind of like a stinky gym sock (that’s for the picture above). You know it’s got a match somewhere.

I can hear the big wigs up there. Discussing what I’ve purposed…

If we give any of them that control. They will never move their best stories! Their story’s that make money. We for sure would be broke.

That just it. See, that wouldn’t be very smart. Who is going to bore their readers with that? We can see they want various stories to read cause they could watch TV instead. If we don’t keep them entertained, they could just up and leave.

But we don’t want them to smell some of our shame.

Just take out the trash!

Yeah, I know I could delete the thing. I know I could get rid of it.

I also like to look back on it and see some human growth in my writing.

If Medium ignores all pleas to them. I guess I just sit here and pout. On second thought. Fuck it! I wrote that bitch and I'm proud and I love it.

I guess everyone. Embrace your stinkers. They are little pieces of you don’t flush. It shows important people where you are and what you’ve come from. Post that smelly thing and be proud.

I hate ending my article.

Okay, that is the end!



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