Madara Greer Sr.
2 min readDec 16, 2021


One woman’s scream.

Can you hear her whimper?

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

She has always been and will always be self-conscience.

The entire world is watching and always looking straight at her. For everyone's sake, I hope she doesn’t lose her shit.

She struggles to keep it simple. To not have a plan. But those wedding bells are already in her head.

Then she’s with the child. She comes with the insecurities again. She must know everything to teach her child, and still have time for all the things that everyone else wants.

So, she saves what she needed. Maybe there will be time later. If later ever comes.

Her kids are all grown up now. She has learned not to identify with any labels. When you do, its time to switch them.

Daughter, sister, wife, and mother. She is afraid of what comes next.

There has been someone depending on her for the last 20years. Who was this person she now looks at? She can’t see herself anymore.

This person in the mirror. Looks so angry all the time. You can see the resentment in the lines under her eyes.

Those lines around her mouth used to be from smiling.

But scowling at people will produce them, too.

She stands and does a circle. Look at her life now. Suddenly, she felt so tired. This would be the start of the end.

This life is so uncertain you can’t put your life off for others. You will never come back to help yourself. You’ll just wait on others' hands and foot and you will forever be lost.



Madara Greer Sr.

I'm in a box outside the box. But I haven't gotten the key just yet to open the box. One of these days we will all get it write. And write and write