Madara Greer Sr.
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Two killers, one in prison and one out.

My first subject asked to remain anonymous. He swears he is innocent but accepts his fate.

We will call him Mr. K.

Mr. K says he has done enough bad things in his lifetime. That he thinks he deserves this fate.

When he was free he sold drugs and busted heads for a upper management after being dishonorable discharged from the Marines.

I asked him why he was discharged.

His answer was.

He had bit a man’s ear off during a bar fight.

Since I’m Madara I ask the hard questions the reader really want to know. Like could they save the ear.

Mr. K said no.

I also asked him to speak freely. Because we were limited on time over the phone. This is what he said.

I was at the house to turn down a job. When the job walked in. Thats when the employer did the job themselves. The only thing I could do was take off. But the police were quick to respond so I had to ditch the car and the drugs I was carrying.

I had learned from the Marines was to hold my breathe or breath through a straw. So I headed for water. Under the water for an hour. Finally I said I quit and stood up with my hands in the air.

After the trial was over I was sentenced to death by lethal injection. I fought them on this.

I sat here on death row for seven years. That’s when a bunch of student from a university out of St. louis investigated my case and they were able to help during my last appeal. Now here I am not on death row anymore. But still in prison, for the rest of my life.

When asked what had the college students done to get him off of death row. They had proven enough to poke holes in the original proecuters case. To justify the change but not enough to provide a release.

I also asked him about his family. He said he got to see his son for the first time in over twenty year. When his son was arrested and convicted of selling drugs. They had gotten to spend a year and a half in the same prison. Where they came to a kind of bonding moment. When it was time for his son…



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