Back to work

Madara Greer Sr.
3 min readMar 9, 2022

After the great sit down.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Oh yes! I’m madder than the average bear about it.

Well you would be to if you quit your job long before the rest of the world to decide to sit down with me.

Now they are all making my money and I’m asking my new customers if they want a pie with that.

Ewe. I’m going have to stomp my feet about this.

Uh! I don’t like doing this. Working in the local diner. Flipping burgers, frying french fries, and taking other orders.

My first day of work has me feeling so ordinary. Who wants to be so ordinary they can be depended on?

Depend that I’ll show up for my next shift. Dependant on a pay check.

Oh, wait no check. To say check means you are getting something that helps my situation, more than for just yesturday. That is when it was gone.

I know this never works. Last time I worked I got a pay check all right.

Then I signed it over to the collectors then the rest. They get to call everyday wanting more money than I made.

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing and hoping for different results. It doesn’t happen.

But I’m going because it is the responsible stupid thing to do.

Six years ago I wasn’t 40 years old and I did literally every thing.

I worked from 7AM- sometimes 10PM. The days I got off of work at a decent hour 2PM only open the next 8 hours to service someone else.

I cleaned house, fed the family, After that I got to be the bad guy.

Kids clean your rooms, do your chores, homework done, get a bath and get to bed. I was lucky if I was done with my chores by 10PM.

Then the oblivious to every damn thing husband I have. Is wishing I looked a litte more sexy. Which is very hard to do. Wearing a shirt full of dishwater, hair and teeth that hadn’t been brushed since 7AM, and the argument I just had with our child was still screaming in my head.

Seven people are a lot of people to clean up after. I stayed mad all the time. I was finding no joy from life. It felt like some sort of punishment.

Before I died of some miserable death. I had to stop this.

I know there’s no way I ever get to see a 401k. Retirement is made for the other people in the world.

To someone like me it is all a good story or fairytale. May as well be.

Now here I am.

Less than 12 hours before I have to clock in.

I guess I could just be thankful for the blessing that has been placed in front of me.

Somehow I can not.

Am I not allowed emotions too?

In a big giant conclusion. I won’t be gracing these pages so much for a while.

I’m Flipping burgers. Ewe!

Madara Greer Sr.

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