As Promised My 100

Madara Greer Sr.
2 min readOct 11, 2021

I was accepted into the Partner Program two days ago.

Thank you guys for all the “Follows”. Thank you more for the great articles I’ve gotten to rAnd to all the followers that got me to my 100 here is a big wet sloppy shout-out.

Llewellyn (Lou) Daniels, Kathyjms,

The Silent Wave, I can hear you waving away over there.

Simon Pastor, Candice Galek, Nellie N, Jocelynjoythomas, Gema Diez-Mansilla

BichoDoMota yeah, you’re up there already.

Alexander Cook, HRITIK SAINI, Alex gensberg, Sreehari, Benjamin Nweke, Andrew lian

Pia Vermaak with her inspiring lessons on self-love., James Cussen

Sharad Gupta, Clement Brian, Jan Sebastian, Lionel de Nobrega, Shu Hasegawa

Everyone at the clubhousechronicals.

Sharon Kiprono, Nichole Higginbotham, kenbo24, petersdreams, max lee, honorataonaisma.

Rebecca Isabella is the non-writer writer. There are some great alter egos in here.

Dr.NRB Shuvo, Glasswriter, Lei M. Venture, Floris-Alexandrou, Maria Prati, Donna L. Robertsphd, Suzanna King, Verity Simmons, Divine Silva, Suzanne Erickson, Janice Eastman, Adrian Eaton, Stephen Charles, Anita Vij, Venky Srinivasan, Laurianne Muzangisa, Amanda Gravely, Marine Dondy, TechMintle, Darren Ray, Theresa Tyler, Graeme Sharpe.

See why They got followed back. Honorata Onanisma Let’s Do This. In the park.

It’s lucky he can do it with a last name like his, Danny Writes, Hazel Clementin, David Perlmutter, Alwia Ai-Hassan, Pisoglou, Judy McCord, Carol Burt, Keerthi Bandara, Alexey Saltanov, JoleneN, Paulina Larocca, Patricia Koller, Courtney Capone, Abidpk, Mia Seccion, Eric Landis, P. Venkat Raman, Sf Ali, Kedy, Gabriele Butzinskaite, Maria Akinyi, Danielle Wenzel, Greg Berry.

kson, Peter Steven Ho, Alex Yuan, Briana Hansen, Jackson P. Rodgers, Rich Bitterman, W. L. Taylor, Patricia Groshong, Susan Bostian, Izzy Hernandez, Helen Anderson, Waldo Otis, Jordan Cundiff, Lukas Pfluger, Lea Suvorova, William Scott, Jennifer Cionne0-Kroechel, Life and Style Publishing, Elena Villani, Prathichaya, Adrianna Lagorio, Greg Wain, Jason Peterson…

Madara Greer Sr.

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