Madara Greer Sr.

Telling all my secrets and stuff

Submitted to publication. You see.

We have made the front page of newsbreak. It’s all here, in about the middle of my profile feed.

We have a kid that pretends he can fly.

Someone, will you please get that circus music going? The show has started already.

Don’t forget there’s…

You guys. Come on.

Hey you guys. How are you doing? I’m just fine. Thank you very much.

I’ve been spending the whole damn day. Christmas shopping, decorating the house, chasing a 6-year-old all over the house, and making an 8-month-old fly through the air, again and again. I’m exhausted

I have to say…

Without definition.

They labeled poor Jane. From the day she was born. The label would decide what kind of life she would live, who her friends would be, and even where she would work.

Is all you are, all that we see? Are you happy with your label? …

The number of infected keeps rising.

I live in the Heartland, USA. specifically Missouri.

In the last 6 years I have discovered how much of a red state this state really is.

There have been quite a few idiots to get to go to Washington DC. and show their asses.

It is so embarrassing. When the…


Two killers, one in prison and one out.

My first subject asked to remain anonymous. He swears he is innocent but accepts his fate.

We will call him Mr. K.

Mr. K says he has done enough bad things in his lifetime. That he thinks he deserves this fate.

When he was free he sold drugs and busted…

Madara Greer Sr.

Follow, as I learned to re-adapt to the living world after being locked down in mommy town for the past 20years. I’ll learn to earn an income from my experience

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